Humanist rejection of the coup d’etat in Honduras

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Argentine Humanists condemn the coup that has just happened in the brother Republic of Honduras by members of the military hierarchy, accompanied by a few authoritarian groups from civil society.

Under the outrageous argument of “fulfilling judicial orders”, the Honduran military has violated the norms that establish their obedience to the President of the Nation. He has been deposed by force, they have taken him captive and flown him to Costa Rica, and now they are trying to “democratically” legitimise an illegitimate successor in Congress.

It is not by chance that this step back towards the dark past has been taken against a government that in recent times has synchronised its policies with the transformational processes that are happening in our region. President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales has been working for poverty reduction, for an increase in spending on education and on regional unity. For sure this has not gone down well with the old oligarchs, just like the fact that Zelaya’s government has moved closer to Chavez and gone into ALBA.

It is not new that certain politicians, disguised as democrats, in agreement with some judges and above all with private media companies come together to try to undermine the image of the President. The same has happened in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and also in Argentina. They are the same reactionaries that speak of democracy while there are governments that support their interests, but have no hesitation in showing their willingness to kick out a government that does not obey them. But this time they have won military support to carry out their intentions, and we cannot allow this to happen in Latin America. Our people have suffered too much at the hands of authoritarians and the violent. Our people have suffered too much through the action of the intolerant that resist changes. Latin America doesn’t want a return to the dark past. Already the OAS and various countries of the region have expressed their rejection of the coup organisers.

So, this is why we are demanding the immediate restitution of the legitimate President of Honduras to power and the resolution through democratic means of all the differences that may exist between the Government and its opponents. And democracy basically means to consult the people: a people that we also call upon to resist those who organised the coup through a non-violent struggle; because nonviolence is always the way, as Humanists have been saying for ever, and just like Zelaya himself expressed in his recent inaugural speech of the OAS Assembly in Honduras in June.

Guillermo Sullings

-Spokesperson for the Humanist Movement in Argentina