The Community for Human Development

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In connection with the re-launch of Fællesskabet for Menneskets Udvikling here in Denmark, and while the website is still not operational, I’m including here a short introduction to The Community for Human Development:


The Community for Human Development is a social and cultural organisation that works for Non-violence through simultaneous social (social structures) and personal (one’s state of mind and behaviour) transformation

The Present situation
The Community denounces this unjust and inhuman society that generates more and more violence: physical (wars, terrorism), economic (exploitation, unemployment, poverty), sexual (violence against women), racial (discrimination of refugees and/or other minorities), religious (fundamentalisms), moral and psychological (different types of fears, discouragement, non meaning, insults). This violence provokes more and more suffering and this suffering produces in its turn more violence (domestic violence, disputes, mistrust, insularity, communication breakdown, illnesses, depression, alcoholism, suicide….)
Because this violence pervades the social system and all human relations (at work, in the family, the couple, the town, the neighbourhood….) the Community brings together all those volunteers who refuse this destructive spiral and work for personal and social non-violence.

The objective of the Community
·    To create a human being that is free, non-violent and living in solidarity, who gives direction and meaning to his or her life, someone who is able to work for their own destiny and the social struggle for conditions (education, health, quality of life) that allow every person to evolve without obstacles.
·    To build a new moral force that serves as a social and personal reference. To this end, the members of the Community invite their social and personal environments to join the path of solidarity, non-violence, justice and equality for all human beings. In so doing, they educate themselves to behave in accordance with these values.

Field of action
The Community works in society in the areas of education, health, culture, and quality of life…. In each of these areas it denounces all that which hinders the development of the human being and develops actions that favour it.

·    Campaigns to denounce all ideas, processes or systems that generate violence and campaigns to assert or propose solutions to social conflicts (through: newspapers, radio, press releases, marches, parades, petitions…)
·    Education campaigns and training in non-violence: how to not descend into violence? How to not be violent to oneself? How to transform the violent environment that surrounds us? (Conferences, seminars, workshops, in schools, universities, hospitals, neighbourhoods, within families, etc…)
·    Activities that open spaces for expression and direct communication that develop solidarity, tolerance and a lifestyle based on non-violence.

Way of working
·    Voluntary, disinterested giving allows the truly human dimension to appear
·    Direct communication that allows isolation to be overcome and a daily personal engagement in the name of ones values and aspirations.
·    Active non-violence, as a methodology of action and as an internal and external attitude that favours life

The official documents of the Community can be found in the “Book of the Community”.